Children's farm

To teach the children how to handle small animals and how to sow, care for and harvest plants, San Pedro’s Casa de la Paz wants to start a children’s farm.


The project has different purposes:

  • educational: teaching the children about small animals and plants
  • recreational: dealing with animals and working on a farm provides useful and relaxing activities
  • economic: the products that the farm grows (animals and plants) would be sold to the local population. This would generate extra income, which can be used for new activities and for supporting existing ones.


If you find this project interesting, then maybe you can support it.

Your contribution does not have to be large. All the small ones can help and you can make children happy with it. Children who have very little. But children who are grateful about any help.

Thank you so much! Muchas gracias!



Casa de la Paz

San Pedro is a poor village. A lot of children live in poor families. There are only a few activities outside school. So, they often run the risk of entering into crime (theft, drugs, alcohol, …).

A group of teachers, parents and volunteers have set up the project to create a “Casa de la Paz” or House of Peace in San Pedro, specially aimed at the poor children in the village and in neighbouring villages.

The House of Peace wants to be a meeting place, where children can take part in all kinds of activities that stimulate the team spirit, give them the feeling that they belong, strengthen their self-esteem, let them develop their talents, teach them values like the respect for people and nature, honesty and justice.

Strengthening values and awareness

The activities include sports, music, reading and writing skills, theatre, dance, computing, drawing and painting, as well as helping children with learning difficulties.

The House of Peace also plans to set up a library.

The House of Peace wants to be like a place called home, where there is someone to help them and to listen to them.This should contribute to a better physical and emotional development.

It wants to help the children to solve problems and conflicts in a peaceful way. It wants to help children to better understand their direct environment and the world around it. This way it hopes to give the children a stronger sense of solidarity and social commitment.

Dedicated to the children

The House of Peace relies on the goodwill of volunteers, mainly teachers. The activities of the House of Peace are now organized in the premises of existing schools and other buildings. 

To boost the efficiency of the organization and to strengthen the “feeling of home”, the initiators dream about building a separate house. Simple and totally dedicated to the children.

At the moment, the House of Peace especially needs material for the different activities: office material, books, musical instruments, sports gear, material for the upkeep of school building….


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